Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gatto Squalo!

We just finished our 9 hour Saturday class and we are on the eve of our last day of the TESOL course. Today was a lot of fun, but a lot of us are starting to hit a wall. Our instructor is excellent and she is very energetic - though I can't imagine how hard it can be to motivate a group of adults over a 9 hour period after three evenings of material covered already.
Today we began our presentations. Five of us went today and the rest of the class goes tomorrow morning. Steph taught 5 words in Spanish ("feelings") with her faithful companion, Ramone - the Penguin. She did a lovely job.

We then had Noelle teach us to count to 5 in Japanese. I then taught the class the names of five animals in Italian, Hy taught us 5 colours in Cantonese, and Cameron taught us modes of transportation in Spanish. It was pretty cool to be able to look-up a few words in another language knowing that you had to teach them to your peers using a language neither you, nor your peers understand.
I have to say that through my brief look into the romantic language of Italy, I have found three words that not only made their into my presentation, but also made their way into my heart...



Those images brought much laughter and tears and I'm sure that in a matter of months, children all over Korea will awake with night terrors at the thought of finding themselves afloat on a lake in Interior BC with a Gatto-Squalo in hot pursuit. At least, that's my plan.
We're looking forward to tomorrow when we start learning about how to apply for positions etc. But first, an evening of pizza, Sex & the City, and relaxation.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Day 3 of Class


Stephanie and I are moving onto our third evening of class tonight at Global TESOL College. Though we have been told from a number of differnt sources that you don't "need" to get certified through an organization like this before you go, we decided that it would be worth our while. So far, it has been very much worth our while. We are lucky to have such a small class size (9 people - usually, they have 15-20) which means that we get to do a bit more.
The foundation course covers utilizes two gargantuan work books and manuals and Stephanie and I have signed-up for two additional corresponence courses which we will work on over the next couple of months. These specialization courses focus on certain teaching targets ie: teaching ESL for tourism, business, children, adults etc. I have decided to go for the children and adults courses - just to brush-up :)
As I mentioned, so far we are both finding the course very useful. It runs for 35 in-class hours as well as 25 additonal out of class hours and so far, we are totally engaged for the whole time we're there. Our instructor, Raphaelle, is very nice and very informed so I'm not drinking as much coffee as I thought I might be. It also helps that Raphaelle has had a couple of years of teaching experience in Korea (our destination of choice) so we can ask lots of pertinent questions after class.
Our classmates are all very cool too. I'll try to post some photos of them later on, but for now, above is a photo of "Refelective Raphaelle" - our fearless leader. We all had to choose names by adding a desciptive adjective that starts with the same first letter. Dan O. already took "Dynamic". Damn him!
Here's one of myself, "Dastardly Dave" and "Hyper Hy" (pronounced "hee")

And one photo of "Surprising Stephanie" making a point, emphasizing it with her apple core...

Being in class now and having made the choice to take our week days off work, Stephanie and I are relaxed and enjoying our homework - how odd! We must be excited to leave. This weekend will see each student present a lesson to the class in another language. Sound difficult? You bet! But that's what this afternoon is for.
Back to the books. I'll try to send-out another entry when our course is finished.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

They'll vote with Potter otherwise!

It's going to take me a little longer to figure out how to post my own photos without signing-up for a thousand different hosting sites. This seems to be a little bit more involved that other web stuff - I'm still a newbie with most of this. So, for now - here's a sad photo of George, asked to stay in town again. It's okay, buddy - we'll get you on that plane yet!

Just Signed-Up

Hello :)

After trying myspace and facebook, I thought this would be the best format for me to easily send information back home and to other corners of the globe when Steph and I head off to Korea - of course, that's not for another few months. So for now, I'm just giving this baby a test drive. Now I can actually post on other blogs I've been reading with my own account - how nice.
Should be fun. I'll see you in a few months - or maybe after we've taken our course :)