Monday, April 9, 2007

Passport arrived!

Last Thursday, my passport arrived at the post office and now I've got it in my hot little hand. After many horror stories about waiting for up to six months for a Canadian passport, what with the recent rush for them due to new American border regulations, Steph and I decided to book a day off of work and line-up early in the morning for our passports at the South Calgary Passport Office.
We waited for a bout 2 hours outside until they opened the door at 8:30 AM. We were inside by 9:00, and we were done and out of there by 9:30 AM. Now, less than a month after applying for the passports, they are here. I am wondering why there were so many people telling us that we would be waiting for days at the office - herded in there with emergency provisions like Moses' people waiting to cross the Read Sea. Never happened. Now I've got a passport for the first time in my life - check it out. I'd show you the inside, but that might make me a target for Bush's Patriot Act.

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michael morrison said...

Things I hate:

1. you for getting passport so quickly

2. and diet root beer. I don't know, I just never got it.