Monday, July 9, 2007

"Leaving on a Jet Plane..."

...well, actually two jet planes. Looks like we'll be taking off from Calgary in the wee hours of August 22nd and we'll have a stop-over in L.A. before heading off to the Incheon International Airport. We're looking at a 3 hour trip to L.A. - and a 12 hour flight to Korea from there.

I know that I will have a few things to keep me entertained during the long trip across the Pacific: my ipod, my Nintendo DS, books, magazines, listening to in-flight Korean, checking out the latest Korean film on-board, using my super-vision to spot dolphins in the waves below - perhaps even a Gatto-Squalo - you never know.

But I am wondering what to do with our time in L.A. ... you see, I have had this recurring dream for a long time. No - it's not about sleeping with some hot celebrity babe, though I have had a few of those too (dreams, that is - not actual celebrity babes). My recurring dream involves me and a friend (a faceless friend) and we are in Disneyland with only an hour to spend. I of course want to take my time in the happiest place on earth, but that is unfortunately not an option for me. So instead, my dream consists of running around with this friend and trying to see the major spots: Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Pirates, the Haunted Mansion - you know, the whole nine. But everywhere we go is closed or the line is too long. It's a mix of pure pleasure (suddenly being in Disneyland) and pur terror (having to leave soon). Yes, I know - it's kind of sad that this is my dream.

Anyway, I actually let it enter my head today: we have three hours to kill - let's crash Disneyland for 1 hour, ride Splash Mountain and race back to the airport! Yeah, I know - it's completely a waste of money and totally unrealistic - but there it is. Still - would'nt it be a blast?

What's much more likely to happen is we will drag our sorry sleep-deprived asses off the plane at L.A.X. and wander around looking at all the M16-carrying security guards for a couple of hours before boarding again. That's okay - I just want to see a palm tree - just for poops and ha-has.

In other news: here's a photo of the Calgary Stampede Showband on the steps of the Saddledome in Stampede Park yesterday. I guess it's the last time I'll hear a big band play "Call Me Al" for a couple of years. I haven't been a huge fan of the Stampede for some time, but I can summmon-up a tinge of nostalgia for even "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" when I am in the act of saying goodbye to it for a while. I wonder what Korean marching bands play - is there such a thing?


Kid Atomic said...

Dude, really excited for you, man. I know your trip will be amazing. I think reading your blog has made it all seem real, though, and I'm sad that the Davey is leaving. I know I'm living several provinces away and we only get to see one another infrequently, but even so... We'll miss you back here in sunny Canada, my friend!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out that Dave's ultimate nightmare involves not enough time in Disneyland.....sigh.

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Identify yourself, Anonymous! You can still sign your name, even though you don't have a blogger account!