Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Five Minutes Until Bibimbap!

After our second day of teacher training, the six new teachers (Steph, Shannon, Amy, Jason, Roger, and myself) are heading downstairs to one of the local restaurants to try some bibimbap - a classic Korean dish of rice and veggies. I think I will like.

I just wanted you to know that big blog from yesterday has been updated with photos now so you can see all the goodness from our trip to Seoul on Saturday. Unfortunately, we won't be getting our ARC cards until Thursday of next week, so we won't be getting our phones or internet until after that. Until then, blogs will be few and far-between due to lack of convenient internet as well as first week of teaching maddness.

Soon though, I will be posting like mad as well us updating my flick account on a regular basis so that you can see all of my Korean photos (with captions) that wouldn't fit onto the blog.

I'll post the Flickr account here as soon as it's updated. We're off for food - see ya soon!

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mjb said...

hey dave
it's great reading about your reflections and settling-in process.
i'm quite curious about a few things, and when you get a chance to notice them, i'd appreciate your sense of them - that is, what traffic is like, both on and off the street. Which is to say, motor-vehicle traffice (including any bicycles there might be) as well as people traffic. So what is it like walking around there. How do people seem to you? How do they seem to respond to you? How do they navigate? Does it feel friendly? That sort of thing I'm very curious about. I realise you are still settling in, and it may take awhile before you feel yourself physically to properly assess these things, but I am fascinated by that sort of thing.
Another thing that I am personally fascinated by, whenever I find myself in a new city, is the process of "mapping it inside my head." You alluded to this sort of process in your blog about getting perspective on how the city was laid out. When i first move to a new city, everywhere I go to is disconnected, as though floating in the great amorphous miasma of city. Then later I start connecting the associative dots when I return to a place and can draw a clearer line between it and where I live or some other place i go to. The map begins to form then in my head.
I await further posts.
Good luck with everything. Keep smiling, and don't forget to sing.