Friday, August 17, 2007

Something About A Blog - And Something About A Dream.

In my most recent blog-reading experiences, I have discovered that there are many types of blogs with many different purposes. There are of course professional blogs like the ones you'll find at various sights like Entertainment Weekly, ESPN or The Calgary Herald to name only a few. These blogs deal with what people want to know about - you're really into entertainment? It's fun to read a blog about new TV shows and the like. Is sports more your thing? Then TSN's site may be just the ticket when you're looking to see how the TSN broadcasters are responding to Chris Simon clubbing some poor player on the head with his stick.

Point is, blogging has become a legitimate fixture in the professional world as the professional world fights to keep up with the modes of communication of its target audiences. People are digging on blogs and podcasts so there you go.

As I prepare to leave for my journey abroad, I start thinking about what I want my little here blog to be. I know already that it's not professional, so that's taken care of. But I kind of want to decide, I think, just how personal I'm going to want this blog to get. I'm sending it out to a lot of friends, family and acquaintences and I'm sure that only a small percentage of them will read it on anything approaching a regular basis, but still - I want to make sure that not too much goes on here that will rub anyone the wrong way.

Ultimately, I think that my blog is going to be pretty darned random. I won't write on it everyday, though I will try. I may take some photos of the food I eat, though that won't happen every day either. I promise that what I won't do is use this as a means with which to air my dirty laundry. The last traditional journal I kept was thankfully thrown in a fire - by myself, about 10 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. There's really no need to re-read my own record of self-absorbtion, now is there?

Anyway, I will do my best to keep this blog cleanish and as interesting as I can. I won't write if I have nothing to say. I assume that most of you will be mostly interested in one or both of two things: seeing what life is like in Korea, and seeing what my life is like if you are one of those people who likes to keep up with people you won't see face-to-face for quite some time. I'm guessing that anyone else won't be reading this, so that kind of makes it simple: teaching in Korea, and my response to it.

My hope is that there will also be very little ranting. Let others rant - there are some who are born to do exactly that. I'll just let Stephanie take the brunt of my abuse ;)

One thing that my blog will contain though is a fair amount of randomness, so that's what it'll be today. How's about I tell you about a dream...yeah, why not?

The last house I lived in was a beautiful one. I really have no idea how old it is, but it's near the centre of the city in one of the older neighborhoods in Calgary and it has been refurbished in recent years, though it likely maintains the majority of its original architectural plan. It's full of odd little angles and nooks and crannies. One of the most interesting being an access panel above my bed in the room where I slept. It leads to a crawl space/attic and I don't really think that much about it. I am one of those guys who gets "feelings" in older homes, or newer homes, and though I don't pretend for a second to be someone who communicates with paranormal hoo-haa, I am pretty confident that these feelings are legitimate in some round-about way.

I was never scared of the fact that there was a door above my bed, but I have been known to be scared of the dark at the age of 31, so my lack of manufactured fear about the door was a bit of a surprise. When my three year-old nephew came to visit one day in late summer last year, I told him there was a ghost that lived through that door. Being too young to really understand that, he simply nodded and seemed to take some interest in the idea. When he came back to visit at Christmas time, he walked through the house before leaving so that he could say goodbye to various points in the home. "Goodbye, bathtub... goodbye, pictures..." and then into my room and looking above my bed, "...goodbye, ghost." And though it was a little odd, I hadn't thought about it really since.

I moved out about two weeks ago in preparation for my trip and I've been staying with my very generous parents since. About five nights ago I had a nightmare and it goes a little like this:

My friend, Eda, who I worked with at CPL, came to me and wanted to tell me how she was liking living in my old place. In the dream, it seems that Eda had moved into the house, though in life she has not.

She said she wanted to show me something she had found in my old room. She handed me a shabby old shoe-box that she said she had found in the crawl space after moving in.

When I opened it up, I saw a box full of dusty photographs. In the pictures were people, lying on a bed, in the same room I lived in. One person per photo, but each person was deceased - not in a particularly gruesome way, but just dead. If you've ever seen an occupied open casket, you understand what I mean. Without muscles to work properly, the face just looks wrong - fallen.

As I looked through the photos, I noticed that each person had been seemingly arranged on the bed in some awkward fashion. Not violently, just awkward - legs stretched at a wrong angle, arms pointing away. Each picture, it seemed, had been taken from above.

That was my dream and yes, it woke me up rather quickly and suddenly. I didn't get too much sleep that night. What does it mean - people who were there before me, I suppose. The house was a stop for me as it was for many people? I really don't know. I'm just glad I got out of the house before I died and some ghost took a picture of me touching my toes.

Anyway - there you go. My first dream blog. Let's hope that I have a happier one to write about soon :)

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mjb said...

for what it's worth ...
i tend to think about dream analysis in a different way from that which is typical and born of freudian psychoanalysis (i.e. where imagery is read as symbolic of something other than what it is) -
my way of doing it is through the content of the feeling in the dream -
i happen to think this is interesting given the way you preface your dream with a story about feelings you get from places -
so in similar fashion you might consider the feeling your dreams have, including the things in your dream, and that is what i consider to be the "meaning" of the dream - or the place where "meaning" resides -
recent sleep and dream research has posited that we dream all the time (the popular conception previously was that we dream during REM - not the band, but rather the moment when we are doing Rapid Eye Movement, which is apparently a motor activity connected to our own detoxification) -
this would mean that we are always dreaming in the same way that we are always thinking - dreaming is a form of thinking - but that it is very quiet compared to our regular familiar thinking - however, when we turn out the lights and go to sleep, our regular thinking turns off, or dims down if you prefer (i tend to think of mental processes as being as though on a dimmer switch, turning up and down depending) and the thinking that is dreaming turns up louder (or seems to by comparison) - so i think that dreaming is a visual form of thinking that is always present but more apparent when we sleep, and that it is dealing with content generally more visceral than our regular thinking, which is able to divorce itself (rightly or wrongly) from such -
In that case, your dream is about the ways you think about death (vis a vis people, houses, the passing of time), which includes a consideration of what a ghost is (how the "dead" can affect you after they are gone) - and your own vulnerability or sense of your own mortality - of how it is a mystery and how you feel about such a mystery (it seems, i think, you like this sort of mystery) - and how it is all connected (mysteriously) ...

how's that for random?