Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Dire Warning to Diminutive Grade School Boys Everywhere

One of the cutest little dudes that I have had the pleasure of teaching so far is named Harry - this is of course his chosen English name. He's great to have in class - very well-mannered and easy to engage in the day's activities or readings. Harry also happens to be one of the smallest boys I have seen in his age group in this or any other country. Just a cute and cool little guy.
After reading a segment on trickster tales however, young Harry shared a story with me through the writing of an essay that illuminated some of the struggles he faces in his everyday life. The topic - to tell me about a time that he played a trick on someone, and whether or not he thought that playing tricks was a good idea.
This, minus my corrections, is what Harry wrote...

"I just kidding girls when I was eleven term one.

I kid girls because they first bother me. They first kid me 'Shorty' because I am really short in term one. Then, I'm very angry so, I'd hit them and they hit me. Last, I kid them 'Fool' and they hit me. Girls are strong and strange.

I hit very fast and ran away. But there are so many girls that I can't escape from them away. When I do this, I hit from girls that they give me very strong punch and kick.

I return a very strong punch and kick to girls, but by then, girls peach on to the teacher so ..... you know what happen?A moment later, teacher frienghtened me. vexatious all night that day.

I think its not good idea to trick someone, I think.Do not trick anyone."

I think I might have pissed myself. "Vexatious" - sometimes, the swift, accurate and extreme use of a thesaurus is just the ticket.


Anonymous said...

That is far and away the most insightful thing I have read in a very long time! "Girls are strong and strange" indeed!

Oh, that and I may have ruptured something important internally at "vexatious".

Hug that child for me!!


Anonymous said...

I believe vexatious may be making it into my everyday vocabulary from now on...


Anonymous said...

I do believe your students have a far greater grasp of the English language than most of the adults I taught.