Monday, September 24, 2007

Dream Blog #4

Though I can't even count myself among his reluctant fans (If I want to listen to Michael Jackson in his prime, I'll listen to "ABC" or "I want you back"), I have to respect the Lake. He's good at what he does, even if it's not really my bag. He has a cool sense of self-deprecating humour, as evidenced by his SNL spoof from last Christmas, and he can take a brave shot at post break-up Britney through a thinly veiled "real life" video story that portrays him as a thoroughly unlikeable, obsessive jackass. I must admit, I'm a complete sucker for "Cry Me a River."
So, the other night, I had a dream that I was watching the Lake perform in a mall to a group of about 50 mildly interested passers-by. People didn't stop to listen for too long. In my dream, the Lake was a good friend of mine, and even though his mall performance was not well received, I was there after all to support a friend and I told him as his people were packing-up that he should keep his chin up, because things are going to turn around for him yet. Poor JT.

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