Monday, September 17, 2007

An essay from an angry girl

I thought I would take the opportunity to post what is perhaps the most interesting essay I have received back from one of my older students at school. As most people are aware, there is a long, shabby history of warfare and soul-crushing occupation of the Korean people by the Japanese. There are many people alive who lived through it in their day and there is still a lot of residual bitterness and anger, even a couple of generations later on.
I wanted to get a sense of exactly how strong this feeling can be with some of my middle-school students, so the first essay I asked of them was to tell me what life would be like if Korea formed a modern day empire. I know, hot-button and all, but I think these kids were practically begging for a chance to express themselves with something they feel strongly about. They have a right to.
So, after reading all about the Romans and Byzantines, the assignment was to tell me if an Empire is a good thing or not, though the eyes of Korea being the one doing the Imperialistic dance.
Many of the kids have expressed anger at having to deal with Japanese ideas at all. But this really gave them a chance to let loose and tell me which countries Korea would occupy, what Korea would take from them, and what Korea would give to those countries as well. I'll let the essay itself pass without comment, only to suggest that you notice how this girl refused to capitalize "Japan". I'll let the essay stand without any corrections for your reading...

topic- A korean Empire?
What would happen if south korea formed an Empire?

When we formed an Empire, korean people will happy. because this mean, we almost have power, so Other countires can't get on our nerves. when we go to other country, they can't slight us. and we can protest about bad thing strongly.

when we formed an Empire, we will attack japan, first. because, 100years ago, korea was japan's colony. They put to horrible torture people who said korea's independence, took away our crops, muscular young men in korean were hunted for forced labor and they made many korean girls to comfort girls etc. but now they aren't apologize properly. so I want revenge on them.

We will take robot technology, fishig ground and hot spring from japan. because, These are global things and they took away many things from korea in old times. (this is a kind of vengeance) but later, we will return to them.

We will give fertile rice to them. because korea's rice is better than japan's. so long times ago, japan wanted get our rice. We have more better things than japan's. but I don't want give more thing.

When korea have power and colonies, this is very good situation! but it's only good at korea. I think freedom is most important thing and great power is not most important thing. when we make anycountry to colony, people in colony will show hostility to korea, cleary. and their descendants, too. so, I want there will be no colonies from now.

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