Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Message To You, Shandi...

My friend Dee is a vegan, an active member of PETA and an unabashed animal-lover. I love her for it. Though she would not do too well in Korea with all of the animal eating that goes on here. So it is mainly for her that I post this blog entry - to show her that not all Koreans are blood-thirsty animal masticators.

Take for instance young Jenny - a girl in one of my senior classes who decided to present early this week about her endangered animal - the Harp Seal. She spoke with passion about her project and she really seemed to want everybody in the room to know how she felt about animals - specifically, those cute little Harp Seal pups. When I reminded her that I come from Canada - the country where most of the Harp Seal hunting takes place, she looked at me in stunned disbelief, and then glared at me as though she had developed a deep and immediate loathing. I had to act quickly to tell her that I don't personally hunt them and that I too am against the clubbing of baby seals. I think she's forgiven me, but I made her project the "Project of the Month" as insurance.

Then, not to be bested, was young Jane. Jane decided to present on not just one animal, but a number of them. She even added a little flip chart to her poster so that she could talk about more animals that she loves and worries about because they are endangered. Some of these kids are really passionate about animals and it has been cool to read their thoughts about the little critters.

In my younger senior class today, we were reading about Trickster Tales and we started looking at The Tortoise and the Hare - albeit a very different one that actually has a surprise ending. One of the other teachers, Sabrina, has purchased a rabbit and she brings it to class from time to time. I was lucky enough to get to borrow the bunny today and my kids just lit-up. They were pretty-much giddy about the little guy and kept commenting throughout the lesson: "Teacher - look! Ahhhh... so cute!" It was pretty great. I wish this blog had audio. So, yes - there are many Octopi that don't feel the love here on the Korean peninsula, but there are plenty of bunnies, Harp Seals and Bengal Tigers that get almost enough love to make up for that fact.

I think Dee may have melted during these presentations and since she couldn't be there, I do hope she zooms in on these photos so that she can feel the love too :)


Anonymous said...

Aw, so cute Davey. It was very startling to open your blog and see "A message to you, Shandi!" That is very sweet, thanks! You've convinced me on the blood-thirsty, but you're lacking in evidence on the non-animal masticators bit... I look forward to a follow-up post!

Love you!
Shandi aka Dee

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave!

haha... your kids are SO cute!! hey, what are you guys doing for Chuseok next week? I might go to Jeju Island. I know I don't know you that well, but would like to see you guys sometime, since we are in the same country!

Send me an email or add me on facebook or something!! This one way conversation as an anonymous blogger is getting silly! haha

Hy Lam hytlam_at_hotmail_dot_com