Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One of those dream blogs...

I have had a few dreams since being here in Korea. This first one I remember having happened only a couple of days into our time here. It was something to do with my Dad getting into the passenger seat of a small bus that I was driving, opening the glove compartment, finding a small frog in it and proceeding to bite the head off of the frog, eventually finishing it off like a snickers bar. This he did while I drove maniacally through narrow streets, knocking-off my rear view mirrors on light standards and other cars. I think this one can be easily enough explained through recognition of our new environment, the crazy, opportunistic driving, and the new food. Still - a pretty crazy dream.

Last night's dream involved Harry Connick Junior coming to live in Calgary (where I was living at the time of my dream). He decided to come knock on my door because he heard I was a big fan. He also had heard that I could show him where he could stay so that he could remain incognito while in Calgary. I told him that the King Eddy Hotel (a historic Jazz join in the now dilapitated East Village in Calgary) would be just his ticket. He started living there even though it's boarded-up and condemned. I would check in on him from time to time, just to see how he was doing, and one day, I saw him pushing a shopping cart full of recyclable bottles down by the river. He looked really shabby and when I confronted him about why he was in such rough shape, he told me that he had become "addicted". Assuming drugs and thinking about rehab, I asked what he had become addicted to and he told me: "bottles, man! I'm addicted to recycling bottles!"
That was pretty much the end of the dream.

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