Wednesday, September 12, 2007

These new-fangled things...

When we first got here, we were more than a little overwhelmed by everything that was new and all we needed to do to get accustomed to our new surroundings, buy groceries, and use transit without ending-up on Kim Jung-Il's doorstep. So far, so good.
One thing that we didn't have right away though was internet at our apartment - not the end of the world, but once you become accustomed to methods of communication, it's hard to shake the habit - especially when the habit allows you to keep in touch with people far-away in a way you never could before.
Also, it seems that the wireless capabilities at the school were a little bit more than lacking. Steph and others were in perpetual pout mode trying to sign-on to send an email to friends, or to access helpful websites for classes. There was indeed a pall of general sadness lingering in the air.

But now, with internet at our place, we can stop-by New York coffee and pick-up two steaming-hot cups of joe, and even be inspired by the encouragement printed on the carrying case as we blissfully write to our friends and do our best to keep up with our blogs.

But perhaps the best thing about having internet here at the apartment is the fact that we can use Skype - a sassy little internet calling feature that allows people to speak in real time through their computers for free. To call a land line through Skype is also cheap, but free sounds even better. We tried calling my sister yesterday and it was great to be able to hear her voice, hear the dog barking, and hear my little nephews giggling and breathing into the microphone in turn. Christian was very excited to tell us both about his trip to the Calgary Zoo about seeing the new baby elephant and then Sandy sent me an email with the some photos of the little guy. Technology can be pretty cool when you're far away.

I would invite the rest of you to get Skype ( and feel free to search for me as a contact - give me a ring. We are usually in the apartment until around noonish, Seoul time, so give us a call after dinner Calgary time and you never know what'll happen. It would be grand to hear from you! Oh... and remember to "enjoy the relax!"

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mjb said...

dude - what's your skype handle?