Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tonight - even if it kills me...

After another later night than I wanted, trying to attempt a sleep-in amidst the local jackhammer wielders working on the sports complex across the road, I have seen another morning pass-by more quickly than I had wished it would. I did get to call my mom and dad though - that was good. But yeah, most mornings here zoom-by pretty quickly with the recurring thoughts of what needs to be done for school. My head is buried in books here far more than it was during University, which would explain my overall GPA. But I keep my fingers crossed that this will all slow-down soonish, and settle into a normal, comfortable rhythm.

Steph and I are on our way to see the Ennio Morricone concert tonight in Seoul. I'm pretty excited about it and I will take as many pictures / videos as I can if I'm allowed. I will think of Sandy often, and Boyce - I will think of you when the Spaghetti Western action starts to fill the air.

When I return, I promise that a proper blog is on its way. Lots to show you, and like my paperwork for school... it's all piling-up.

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