Monday, October 8, 2007

"We've got, high apple-pie, in the sky hopes!"

About a 5 minute walk form our apartment is the Suwon Campus of Kyung Hee University. Though the head campus is in Seoul, I can't imagine it being much more beautiful than this. I should really check it out some day.
It was kind of surprising to say the least when I walked around a corner one day and ran into this imposing yet somehow inviting stone gate. It's a truly beautiful campus form what I can see and they have some beautiful facilities there. I didn't have time to look-around too much, but I did have a chance to play soccer with some friends from school last week.
It was a lot of fun, we started a four on four quarter-field pick-up game with a few locals and we proceeded to soundly get our asses whipped. But man, it was fun - though I do have a moon-shaped bruise on the outside of my shin where a shin pad might have otherwise been. In case you were wondering, cold, wet soccer balls kicked by Koreans with mad skills hurt like the Dickens. They also have some tennis courts and basketball nets that I could actually dunk on if I had any skill in that sport. Oh, well...

Apparently, I was a little bit late this morning as I missed a chance to video the traffic director who stands in front of the school - whistle constantly pursed in his mouth - waving buses and cars through the main gate off of a T-intersection with dual turning lanes. It's a pretty crazy site, but I mention it because it was cool to see the guy in action - he knew exactly where to go and what to do at each precise second. He recognized the cars of staff at a distance and he would give them a walking salute as he moved through traffic and as they turned into the gate. Even more cool than that (my Dad would like this one) was the fact that he would stop in a proper feet-together, white-gloved salute to each and every bus that came through the gate. He would even bow to them. How cool would that have been, Dad?

As I walked around the grounds, I saw a copy on one of the gates of the New Millenium Magna Carta for Global Society. A pretty cool United Nations-sponsored document. It's worth a read and you should be able to see it if you click on the photo.
Apparently, Kyung Hee University is the first educational institute to receive a UNESCO Prize for Peace Education Award. Studying methods to move towards peace - where the hell was that at the U of C? The schools emblem is an olive branch wrapped-around the symbol for the UN. Clearly, peace is a focus here.
I hope to get back there soon to play soccer a few more times before it gets too cold. The weather has certainly taken a turn for the cooler and it came on rather quick. Leaves are changing here and I'm looking forward to seeing a few temples covered in red, gold and brown.

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