Friday, November 9, 2007

Classroom Bachelorhood

A favourite essay topic to assign here in Korean classrooms is "would you rather be married or single, and why?". There are always a few creative answers. So here, uncensored, are three representative favourites from one of my senior classes. Enjoy...

Essay #1 - "I want to get married!"
Jacob, a nice, considerate young man, expresses his romantic side...

"Many people are single or married. Today many people divorce because they are fighting for personality. So, they do a divorce notice. I think it is very terrible. But when I married I will be married because I will be not do lead a lonely life, I will be go wedding trip and do newly-married life.
I married I will be married because I will be not do lead a lonely life. Some people are fighting for personality. So, they are divorce. So, they do lonely life. But I married I don`t do fight and don`t do lead a lonely life. I think to do this like, it won`t be do a dicorce. It won`t to do a fight.
I married I will be married because I will be go wedding trip. The wedding ceremony is finished go wedding trip. It is fun to go married people. Some people go Hawaii for wedding trip. I think it is good to go wedding trip because it looks fun to go.
I married I will be married because I do newly-married life. The wedding trip are finished do newly-married life. It is no lead a lonely life. It is fun to live a newly-married life. I think it is fun to do newly-married life.
The married life is good. I will be married because I will be not do lead a lonely life, I will be go wedding trip and do newly-married life. I like to do married life. I like married life!!!!!"

Essay #2 - "Marriage sucks!"
Damian - a sassy young man, extols to virtues of life in a PC room, rebelling against his parents and the freedom to read comic books whenever he damn-well pleases...

Most of people have married. Marry is some activity that we have to. But my guess is little big different. It's okay to don't have married. If we don't do married we just have no babies. I think they do married because of their parents. Their parents are yelling at them they are scared of them so they do married. I want be single because it is my life, I can't do something that I want and don't have pay much money.
It is my life. Why do I have to do married. I can choose my life not for parents. If I want be gagman I will and if I want be soccer player I will. I want live that I want. Any one can't stop my life.
I can't do some thing that I want. If I'm leader of my family I can't play game and can't burrow the comic books. I don't want that is not free. My creed is live that I want. If I don't I can't live because it is not my my way to live.
I don't have to pay a lot of money. If I'm not single and leader of the family, I have to pay food, clothes and otherthings. Then, I will burrow from oter people and parents. I don't want married because I don't know my future. I can be nice or worse.
We can choose our life like me. If you want to live true life, don't do what do your parents said. You will be always not good because you live in a lie life. Please don't think what do your parents said, just live what do you want. I want be single because it is true life.

Essay #3 - "Woman - where's my soju?!!!"
For anyone interested in a more old-school approach to Korean sex roles, check-out Patriarchal Jeff and his rosey approach to life with the old "ball and chain" - my apologies to feminists everywhere...

"Some people did marry and some people didnot marry.I think the marry is better than single. Because, if marry, the wife help me. Also if marry, we`re not lonely. Also, the spn or daughter make happyme.
I want to married when I grow up because, the wife help me. The wife do chores,and many thigs. Ithink wife is need person.
If I grow up but I don`t married, I will very lonely.However if I have wife, I am not lonely. I don`t want lonely, so I will married if I grow up.
If I married, my daughter or son make happy me. If I single, I will spend bor ing time.
I want spend happy time, so I will married.
Married is better than single. I see inthe newspaper, Man can have long life if man married."


ROXSTAR said...

ohhhh jacob... does he still come to class in his gum-do (sp?) uniform?? :)

Dee said...

Yeah Damien! Way to think outside the box!

I love your kids so much....