Wednesday, February 6, 2008

O My Nola!

The long and the short of it is that I have no working computer right now and haven't for quite some time. My ibook G4 was a thoughtful gift that served me well for over three years, but with the warranty having run-out and the best of Mac minds in Korea unable to salvage the remains, it's time that Davey bought a new computer. This Saturday will be the day and by then, I promise a blog or twelve that are certainly long overdue for the people back home who were probably wondering if I was alive over the past month.

I've got stuff to talk about: Christmas in Thailand, people coming and people living, my new Korean name, birthday hi-jynx in Bundang, 13 hour work days in January, and most importantly - the fact that I'll be sitting with a friend in the front row when Harry Connick Jr. and his Big Band roll into Seoul with their O' My Nola tour on March 13th. Lots to write about, but I'll wait until Saturday to try - seeing how it's much easier to do these things when one has a computer.
Until the weekend...


Richard said...

He's alive! He's Alive!!! Can't wait to here about all your adventures.

Shannon Duke said...

looking forward to it