Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Classroom Girl Power

If you want to get a taste of what some of my 12 year-old boys thought about marriage - feel free to check-out my blog from November 9th of last year, but here's a chance for the ladies to have their own say: "Get Married? Are you out of your f#@%ing mind?!!!"

When you are an adult, would you prefer to get married, or stay single? Give me three reasons for your choice...

Sans corrections, from Julia - 14 years old...

"Single's life is cool.Single's life is freedom.I want single,because I don't need to make a meal,wash my honey's dress shirt,and many affair. Maybe I have a husband,it will be every day fighting.And,I don't want child.

First reason is if I Marry, I will be busy, because many affairs. Everyday make 3meal, wash my lovely honey's dress shirt, and many things .I love my husband, but I don't like a annoying affairs. When I looking my mom, my mother is poor, because she is everyday busy. Well, I often help her.

Secondly, I have husband, we will everyday fighting. When I have boyfriend, I like meet him sometime. However, everyday meet him, I don' like that because boring. And he will be too. I looks every morning, when I ride elevator, young lady has a fragrant black coffee and wear preety high hill, but auntie has a nasty garbage and wearing ugly slippers. Maybe I married, I will unseemly.

Third reason is I don't want child. The newborn baby is really lovely, but big juveniles, that is creepy like me. Well, I have a my child, I will need many money. I'm worst idle, extreme. And sometime, I hate children.

When I think, single 's life is very beautiful. Maybe it is silly thinks. The young lady wear a bikini, that is a very beautiful, big bosom, constrited waist, they dont' have childbed's scar on the abdomen. However, the auntie has a childbed's scar on the abdomen, all thick legs, thick fat. I don't want that body. Singel will have a individuality. I want singel life."

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