Friday, February 27, 2009

Almost in an airplane over the sea

Hey, folks - just taking a break to say something between flights. An item of note - airports are starting to feel very homey to me. I've been in more than a few of late, at least compared to my previous relatively airport-free life up until August 2007. I'm kind of grateful for the familiarity today. Truth is - I can't really deal with being sad in front of the people I care most about. I hope that doesn't seem selfish, I just know that one little acceptance of sad realities, however temporary, would get the emotional ball rolling - not even Mukmuk would be able to stop the onslaught.

So, here I sit in the Vancouver airport, finishing breakfast, finishing a skype call from my parents, and checking out my new Quatchi neck pillow. I'll be fine, but I wonder when the missing will cold-cock me right in the face. I'm predicting tomorrow, Korean time. Off to stretch my legs - I'll be sitting for long enough very soon.

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