Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day four: The Yolk and a Windmill

This was our last full day of being "in the classroom". That's good. Though the lectures have been beneficial, it's largely been a pain in the ass in terms of not being able to do much besides eat, sleep, and sit. I guess that's what a week of training will do to you. We all presented our short lessons today and it was relatively entertaining, as well as pain-free. There - it's done.

At lunchtime, I checked-out and saw the good news: yes, the Yolk is coming to Calgary. He's been a perennial pick for me in hockey pools and a favourite on the X-box. He's also a great centre in reality and I can't wait to see him in action with a Flames jersey. What a complete coup. I liked watching Lombari blow-by opposing defensemen as much as the next guy, but the Yolk is gold and knows how to finish. Also - he's Finnish. Kipper will like. This really puts Calgary in a good place for the playoff run and when Bertuzzi, Borque and Langkow return from injuries, I forsee a loooong playoff run. Should they win the cup while I'm away form my hometown, I will be sad, but very glad that I brought my Flames jersey with me this time. Playoffs - oh, yes.

Tomorrow we head out to Seoul for a tour and to observe schools similar to the ones we'll be placed in. I look forward to getting out a bit. It's both needed and wanted.

I leave you with a photo and video of tonight's big star, one of my roomates, Daniel Kim. The dude's the complete performance package: Singer, song-writer, and resident ladies man. Being his roomate is like being a camp counsellor... "Now Daniel - no covorting in the ladies dorm past 11 o'clock!" But the man had a big night. We had B-Boys from a Korean hip-hop troupe come to teach those that wanted to learn how to do basic to fairly advanced dance. We're talking windmills and all that. Daniel was the only one who did it all - he even had a little surpise for everyone at the end which I will do my best to post tomorrow. I'm sure that he was able to impress a certain lady in the crowd. Nice work, son.

For now, here's a video of Daniel doing a little 'Lake. Who's not a sucker for "Cry Me a River"? You can't deny it - the man's got skills...


Dana said...

Nice to see that you are back, in more than one sense! I missed the blog!! Keep writing and enjoy the moments. - Dana

brat9 said...

your roomie sounds nice... hahaha :)