Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day Three

It's been a very long day, but a productive one. Today has mostly focused on the more practical side of teacher training - going more deeply into the day-to-day dealings of being a public school teacher in Korea. The day's first speaker was David Deubelbeiss. I mention his name because I think it's a shame to so many English teachers come here without attending a lecture from this guy. He's got 10 years of creative teaching experience on a website that all ESL instructors should know about. I'm sure that some already do, but I sure as hell didn't last year, and it really could have helped me out.

So, if any ESL instructors are still reading this, please check out his website:

You'll find the most useful and creative stuff here. It helps that the guy is Mr. technology, because he's made most of the stuff very user-friendly. While some of it will require use of a computer and projector, there are other resources on there that won't require anything more than a pen and paper. Anyway, please check it out if you're looking for fresh ideas. It's gold.

Tomorrow we demo our lessons. It's not quite what I expected. Based on the numbers involved in this training, we will be pairing-up to give our lessons to the group. It'll be a whole day of games and activities still. I'm not nervous about presenting, just somewhat unsure about the way we've decided to go with our lesson. I'm sure it'll be fine, and part of what we're learning here will be how to work with a co-teacher anyway. It's one more day of training (tomorrow) and then on Friday we'll be loaded onto buses for tours of Seoul and school visits. Hard to believe that we will all be out of here in less than three days.

Today wasn't without other remarkable moments. First, came another Dave's impassioned defense of your Tim Brodie - the gardener's son who was more than deserving of Lord Moulton's inheritence - even though was no direct heir. It was a lawyer game and it was a glorious speech. Also, Kelly, one of the teachers here, had her birthday today. Ed, Andy, and I went down to the bakery at lunch to pick-up a cake and we delivered it at dinner time. It went well. There are some good people here that I really hope to keep in touch with when we all settle into our own places.


brat9 said...

glad to hear that your training is going well! :)
they seem soooo organized!

Andrew said...

awesome blog davie. it was excellent reading material in LAX waiting for my flight to china, then japan.

brings back memories of my first days in korea. to tell you the truth i think i'd prefer being thrown into classes like at youngdo then doing a week of prep. but different strokes for different folks. i can definitely see how you would like it.

ps who is tim brodie?