Monday, March 16, 2009

Falling-Apart Tired

That is me tonight. First full day of teaching, which for me means staying up far too late planning the night before, getting up way too early to make sure I'm at the school early enough to do all there is I need to do to prepare for the classes, mustering up enough high-energy to keep a class of 35-40 students somewhat entertained, and staying awake through a staff meeting in a language I don't understand when I am desperately in need of coffee. I think I've earned my sleep tonight.

To tide you over, here is the first picture I took of my school. The photo shows about a third of it. It's pretty big. As I said to Dee the other day, it looks like a CNN news story during an earthquake, but really all schools here seem to be like this one. It's sturdy like a tank. It also has a charm to it. The kids care for it and clean it (mops and all) every day, and us teachers roll-up our sleeves too. It's an old girl, but we love her. More tomorrow, after I've slept.

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