Monday, March 9, 2009


School today was good - it was my first day, not of teaching, but of meeting the majority of staff. There's lots to say about it - all of it good, but it will have to wait for another day as it's getting late and I have other things I need to be taking care of. I'm currently borrowing interent from a neighbor... it doesn't work well :)

Anyway, just thought I'd take a moment to relate that carting shite through busy Seoul streets isn't necessarily the best idea I've ever had. After finishing our contracts in October of last year, steph and I were fortunate enough to have a friend who was willing to store some of my stuff so that I could come back to Korea and be all happy with all the comforts of home.

Problem is, I live 26 subway stops away from the lovely Dee's apartment. That's 26 stops plus two transfers. It's about 75 minutes all-told. So, brilliant me thought he'd save some money by carting the goods to his apartment way up in the North. We met for a quick coffee, I opened a surprise birthday present (which was lovely), and then I proceeded to pack my Thailand backpack with stuff as well as load a hand cart with boxes of lamps, speakers, pots and random gack that I wanted to get to my apartment ASAP. Sadly, once loaded, wrapped and taped, the cart would not go down the stairs like delivery men are capable of doing with theirs as a metal bar by the wheels obstructed such a feat. So, re-pack knowing that I would need to carry the cart up and down stairs.

Done. But on my way to Seolleung station, a freaking car clippled the side of my box and my boxes scattered - speakers spilling out across the street. Three very nice people came along to assist me with my spilled goods and they were all somehow apologizing on behalf of the driver. Their kindness more than made-up for the misfortune, but I am already regretting my decision not to just pay for a cab. Oh, well. I'm already one fourth of the way there so I may as well keep going. Craziness. At least I have lamps, music, and coffee. It could be worse. Ready for round 2 of Operation Gangnam Gack Retrieval tomorrow.

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