Tuesday, March 10, 2009

GGR, Part II

And at part II is shall stay - at least for another few days. I cannot believe how much crap I was able to collect over a year in Korea. Damn.

Went for Operation Gangnam Gack Retrieval part II today. It went fairly well. I had a heavier load this time, but was able to tape it all up so as to avoid any taxi-caused mishaps like I had yesterday. I don't know how much I was collectively carrying on my back in Steph's backpack or dragging behind me on the cart, but it felt like another person all-together.

No incidents until I hit line #2 and it was FULL - we're talking the most full I've ever seen the Seoul subway at any time. People were jamming onto the subway and audibly moaning when other people would push them further into the train. Me, in my giant backpack with my day pack strapped to it, plus my four feet of boxes I front of me looked like the biggest asshole in the history of rush hour commuting. As other commuters forced themselves into the train, I had not choice but to be bent over the stack of boxes with my backpacks on top of me. Yes, gentle reader, to the casual observer it may have looked like I was being violated by a Kolon sport backpack. That lasted about five stops. I almost didn't make it out at my stop. I had to duke it our with little old ladies who seemed determined not only to keep me on the train, but to give me bruises enough to remember the day. They get viscious - they really do.

So, I made it home. That's nice. Now I have an iron - but wait, I didn't get the voltage converter yet... I guess I don't have an iron yet. I do have a T-Express mug though, and I was able to shine my shoes. What else... oh, yes - a year's worth of reading material . That is good. Another thing I have is Microsoft Office 2008 for the mac - I used my settlement allowance to pik it up as I will be expected from time to time to use powerpoint in the classroom - again, more on school later. Ther's lots to say about it, but it'll have to wait until the weekend. I'm thinking that Sunday night will be a nice relaxing one. Here's hoping I have something resembling internet soon. I went for the healthcheck today and should have an appointement at immigration on Friday. Then it's a waiting game with most of the paperwork complete. Fingers crossed.

Lastly - as I've been lonely, I bought a mouse. That's such a lame joke. When I bought Office for the mac today, a free wireless mouse was included. I'm really not a techo wizard or geek (I have never in my life used Powerpoint), but this mouse is sweet. Ray would be a fan. Now that I'm talking about a new mouse, I think I need more sleep. Until tomorrow.


brat9 said...

the mighty mouse is awesome!
you can even program it to have right and left click.
love it :)

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Actually - it's NOT a Mighty Mouse - it is a "folding arc mouse, and let me tell you, it is a little transforming and portable thing of absolute magic. If it were a decepticon, it's name would be "Arc Mouse". That wasn't very creative.

brat9 said...

i just googled it... boy.. it looks cool!

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