Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I forgot to wear anything that colour today. Does it count that I listed it as my favourite color when I was doing introductions with my classes today?

Just taking a moment to drop a note to say that I'm okay - just exhausted. It is my first full week of teaching though, and while I'd like to believe that I am as "young face" as the students tell me every time I let them know that I'm 33 years-old, I'm still 33 years old. I can't pull all-nighters and the like as I did when I was but a youth.

Actually, I believe what I'm suffering form currently is a combination of things:

Workwise - Being too much of a perfectionist. Now that the horse is most decidedly before the cart, I find myself wishing it were th other way around. You just can't please me. Classes are going fine, but I want to know more - I want this week to go as well as humanly possible.

Personally - I miss people. I'm easily frustrated and I feel as though I'm lacking sleep. I'm not exactly homesick, though my thoughts often wander back to Canada or, from time to time, to last year - noticing the differences between then and now.

I am heading to Gangnam tomorrow - though I've just now decided that I won't be undertaking GGR #4. Number 3 was a real bitch. I got laughed at more than once when the umbrellas and poster rollers sticking up the side of my backpack got me trapped int the subway - as if I'm not tall enough and prone to head-banging as it is.

Nope - tomorrow night I will head into Gangnam to meet some friends and buy a proper agenda. Then, if I am still feeling chipper, I might swing my Dee's apartment to grab one ungainly, but light piece: The yo (mattress), and possibly Sweet Carrot - Mukmuk is getting hungry.

I knew this week would be a challenge. If it weren't enough on its own, I knew I could find a way to make it so. Mission accomplished. At least my kids made me laugh today - there's nothing wrong with that.

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