Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Marathon

This is my 101st post. Crazy. I guess I let #100 pass without incident. This weekend flew-by. Had a good times with some new teachers on Friday night, and spent the day with Dee in a past-it's-prime amusement park (I have a review of Seoul Land coming tomorrow), but before I head off to bed - here's to good jazz in Hyehwa, and a Mariokart marathon to tie at 300 points a-piece. Donkey Kong came on strong in the last 4 heats to make it a stalemate. It was a beautiful thing.

Only in Korea, it seems, is it perfectly normal and acceptable for two guys to head into a relatively upscale jazz club, order a pizza and beer, watch some highly skilled musicians and singers, catch-up and play Mariokart for hours on end. Not that we didn't stop to just soak-in the atmosphere too.

It's good to be reminded that though I am far from gathering spots in the south end of the city, I'm only 20 minutes from Hyehwa - if you're looking for great music, theatre, restaurants, dessert bars and cafes in Seoul - there's no place better. I had been there before, but it seems that last year it was always during the day. I'll be going back often.

It's also good to be reminded that working overseas can sometimes bring-about the most unlikely but lasting friendships. Thanks, Johnny, for the good times.

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