Friday, March 6, 2009

Outward Bound

I might have to make this a little bit shortish. I've got about half an hour before I need to head down to the Asan hall for the closing cermony of the orientation. It's been a good couple of days.

Yesterday, we all headed out to Seoul to observe a public school class and then we headed for a quick bus tour of the city that ended at Namsan tower - the perfect day with enough clarity for a perfect view of all ends of the city. There are more pictures and videos to come, but they will need to wait for a day at Holly's coffee where the wifi is free and the lattes are fine.

John, our supervisor here at the training centre let loose last night and allowed us all a few beers. It was good. It'll fee strange to leave this place and I hope that we'll be able to keep in touch with each other as much as time will allow.

Lots to write about, but it will have to wait. Until then...

Happy Birthday, Mom, and here's to the person who I wish were sitting beside me...

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