Friday, March 27, 2009


I have the biggest smile on my face this morning. I just got my phone activated yesterday and the second incoming call I get is from none other than Pig. Most of you who read this will know exactly who that is. My friend Jenn told me last week when I joined them at the Suwon Bluewings game that Pig really wanted to call me when he heard that I was back in Korea. "Of course it would be fine," I said. The phone rang this morning.

Pig was perhaps my favourite student at my hagwon last year - my favourite among many favourites. He had an energy like no other, he clearly chose a wacky nickname for himself, and he just had a genuine interest in things. His English was nearly flawless on the phone today which is a credit to those who had Pig in their class after me.

Last year, at the end of our class together, I bought a small gift for all of my students in Pig's class. For pig, I bought him a classic Korean mug. It has an image of two friendly pigs and it reads:

"Someday, the pig talked to me. 'I want to be close to you'. We become a Best Friend."

Naturally, I bought one for Pig and one for Me. As I went to pour myself some coffee this morning, I went with my Pig mug. The phone rang, and it was Pig drinking juice from his.

"What are you doing this morning, Pig?"

"I'm reading storybooks for Youngdo, Teacher Dave!"


I plan on surprising him by popping-by his class one night over the next couple of weeks. Jenn, his current teacher, invited me and I can't wait - it'll be a long trip, but well worth it, I'm sure.

I'm off to Seoul Land with Dee today. It's an amusement park that opened to coincide with the 1988 Olympic Games. I'm pretty sure that the shabbiness factor will be high. In other words, I'm not expecting Everland. But, the tickets were free from my recruiter and they need to be used by the end of the month. I may as well check it out - it'll only make Everland seem that much better :) Expect a full report when I get back.


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I have a friend that has this mug and she broke the lid by accident. I would like to replace it for her but I can't find it anywhere. Where did you buy yours at? Please email me at Thanks!