Monday, March 2, 2009


Woke up this morning to see the snow falling. I don't mind at all. After rolling my ankle a bit, I'm okay with not playing soccer for a while and since we'll be essentially confined to the indoors for training anyway, I'm okay with gazing outside to see the white stuff. One good thing I've heard about living a little further from the centre of Seoul is that there will be mountains very close - a little more greenery, and seeing snow on mountains in the winter won't be so rare. The stuff melts so fast in the city. Look at me finding positive stuff to talk about :)

So, day two begins - on the slate for today:

Co-Teaching explanation and demo (we will eavch have a Korean co-teacher with us in the classroom in our schools)
Classroom management discussion
Learning to play traditional Korean instruments

So, yeah - there's a lot to like about the training here, though today will be our longest day so far.

Footnote (get it?): Though I wore the brace on my right ankle (the one I've twice broken) last night, I somehow managed to roll the left one in a very strange way. It's not horrifically bad, but it unfortunately means that I'll need to stay off of it for likely the rest of the week. That's a bit of a bummer - there were some fun people to play with here. I guess I'll just have to watch and hope that I can get involved in a league during the regular season. Don't worry, ma and pa - I'll be just fine.

Anyway, must get ready for class...

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