Sunday, April 12, 2009

Starting a List

It's been a very relaxing weekend so far. I'm sitting in a PC bang in Yeongtong - four floors down from my old school, waiting to make my way to a pot luck dinner this evening.

Yesterday was just what I needed. I had it pretty much all to myself. I turned away three offers to go out and though it would have been nice to see some other folk after a tiring week, I needed some Davey time more. Being here this year, I have discovered that I absolutely need some downtime on the weekends. One entire day is usually required if I'm to get ready for a week of teaching and no sleeping-in.

Yesterday, my plans fell-through, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It allowed me to have two skype conversations that I desperately needed to have. It's not my usual preference to spend four hours on the "phone" - especially on a day as nice as saturday was, but I'm glad that I did. After that, it was a walk from my place to Nowon - to discover that you don't need to dive into the centre of Seoul to enjoy the cherry blossoms at this time of year.

I also decided to bite the bullet and plan properly for my classes this week. There's a speaking test coming-up next week, so this coming week is all about review. I figured I'd better make it fun, so I screwed-around with powerpoint again - trying to make some kind of game for both my grade 1 and my grade 3 classes. I can feel better about going in to work tomorrow - knowing that I'm ready as opposed to being mildly panicked about Monday morning as I have been so far.

Today, took the train and bus into Suwon to meet some old and new friends again. Another Blue Wings game - this time with a victory - so much more enjoyable than a loss. It got me thinking that going to a game would be a great thing to do with my parents when they get here. The atmosphere is amazing, and I'm sure they'd get a kick out of all of the chants and flags.

In fact, the soccer game has inspired me to begin to compose a list: things to do in October when my parents come to stay. Yup - I have finally figured out that I can get a little bit of time off in the fall for a parental visit. It's something I've been looking forward to for a long time and I'm excited to know that it is now a real possibility. I think I'm going to put a Suwon Blue Wings game on the list. That, and a trip on the T-Express with my dad. My mom informs me that she might pee her pants if she were to go on it with us. I tend to believe her.

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