Saturday, May 23, 2009

Get on the bus

My situation has changed here in Korea for reasons that are known to those I'm closest to and that don't need to be elaborated on through the world wide web. This week has been full of lows, but last night, sipping ginseng tea on a cobblestone street with near strangers, current co-workers, and people who are rapidly becoming friends, I am pretty sure that one of my best Korean moments-turned memory was being formed.

In times when English is being learned, Korean must also be spoken, and sometimes it will wash-over the table, or the room as a very quiet, almost apologetic shift. For me, I love it. Though I'm far from the skill level of where I want to and certainly should be by now, I'm beginning to understand more about the language. I feel less in the dark in such situations, and even if I do slip into the dark, last night, sitting where I was, and with who I was, I decided to just let my particular thoughts and emotions take me over. It was almost like a silent Sanford Meisner instant of truth - an exercise in emotion - knowing it's there, reveling in it, allowing it to happen, and feeding it just enough - an extra splash of red to give the moment its deserved substance. It didn't need much else. Stuff like that could be put into pill form and make vicodin, percocet, and S.A.D. lamps redundant. It's nice to know that things that strong can come from within.

This weekend marks some major change, and Monday will mark the beginning of my three day field trip with the grade 9 students and teachers at my school. We - all 370 of us - will be heading onto buses and trucking around the southern end of South Korea, visiting some pretty amazing places. A pretty amazing person thought to take the time to prepare some information to help me out as the various tour portions will obviously be conducted in Korean. The students seem pretty excited about me riding along with them, so I may have to play musical buses in an attempt to visit them all.

I am going to see some cool stuff - photos of which are scattered through this post. I'll blog details when I get back, but for now I just feel fortunate to go - this trip could not have come at a more appropriate time. Here's to the promise of new possibilities.

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