Friday, June 5, 2009

Neo Citran

I feel like absolute trash today. I've had a fever the last couple of days and finally went to a doctor yesterday. By noon, I feel like I could fall down. Thankfully, people at work have been amazingly kind and some have even brought me care packages full of goodies like orange juice and tea to make me feel better. I'm at least on some drugs now, so here's hoping there will be some good coming out of that.

Aside from the feeling like garbage, I have to say that I've had what maybe amounts to one of my best two weeks in Korea. It involves a 3-day trip during which it feels as though I saw more of South Korea than I did during the entirety of last year, a trip to Children's Grand Park with my grade 7 classes today, a language exchange beginning with some of the teachers at my school, connecting with my students and teachers in a way I never thought possible, a first birthday party for my friend's baby boy tomorrow, and a handful of happy surprises along the way.

Of course, I would love to blog about all of these things tonight, but as it is, it would be best to leave such description until I'm not being affected by the Neo Citran and copious amounts of drugs I've ingested into my system. Hence - I'll write again in the next couple of days. Things are good.

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