Monday, June 29, 2009

Turtles Make a House a Home

From the age of about 13, up until I moved out of my parents' house at an age I shan't relate here, I owned an aquarium. I started with a 10 gallon with the usual guppies and neon tetras, before moving onto a fine 33 gallon full of beautiful fishies and plants.

I really loved being in my bedroom at that time, and having an aquarium was a big part of it. There's something very soothing about looking at perfectly lit fish, coral, and plants - a foreign environment behind the glass in a place where you rest your own weary head.

This past Saturday, my friends Dee and Glen came-up to my neck of the woods to drop-off their two little friends - two water-friendly turtles that they had themselves inherited from previous ESL teachers in Korea who had to head home. Dee and Glen will be heading back to Canada soon, and though they were reluctant to part with their babies, they were happy to pass-on the little beasts to a turtle-friendly fellow such as myself.

I'm actually very happy to have them here. The light from the overhead lamp makes my place even more homey, and there's something about the sound of falling water. I decided to go the distance and set the little dudes up with a 10 gallon aquarium with a water-fall filter and submersible heater to keep their water consistent and clean. So far, they've been quite giddy about their new place - drying themselves up on their rocks, and swimming in their deeper water like mad turtles. I don't think the little guy has stopped diving off of his rock and cruising around his new digs.

Anyway, as a dude who had actually been considering getting another kind of pet while here this year (hedgehogs did come-up in conversation), I'm happy to instead take-on the responsibility that's been passed-down to now the 3 generation of turtle owners.

I'm quite glad about the result too. I've had some strange pets in my time - hermit crabs and geckos come to mind. But these little dudes are pretty great. They don't mind being held, they love running around the apartment floor for exercise (and I do mean RUN), and they are just effing cute.

So, I am now a Korean pet owner with some little friends looking for new names. Don't blame me if I bail out of evening plans to instead sit at home with a cup of hot tea and a copy of "In Praise of Slow." Thanks for trusting me with your little babies.

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vagabondshandi said...

You're welcome. Thank you for taking such good care of my babies. (-;