Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Itty Bitty Puppy

My students found an accessory dog wandering around the school yard today. It didn't have any pink or blue hair, and it wasn't wearing any doggie styles (skirts, boots etc.) Sadly, it also was lacking any ID of any kind.

I took the little beast from my students and let them focus on PE class and, since I was on a break, I took him (I assume that it was a him due to the lack of glam-dog action) to the school nurse who was good enough to call the Korean doggie rescue team (no easy jokes, please). She assured me that this little puff-ball dog would be taken care of and that his owners would be searched for.

It was an old doggie (with stiff hind legs), but a friendly one who was obviously comfortable being carried about by me - so, while we waited for the boys to come get him, I toured the little guy around to some of my favourite classrooms, gave him some water, and made him a little house so he could stay in my room while I taught. I took a copy paper box - about the right size - and made a small hole in the top. He was happy to stick his head through while I carried him about - probably imagining that he was inside a custom-made Loius Vuitton doggie handbag with doggie pads.

I will try to post photos soon, though since I didn't have my camera with me, I had to use my cell phone. I'm not sure how to download that stuff onto my computer, so we'll see what happens.

A cute and polite little fellow who made my challenging Wednesday a little more friendly.

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Anonymous said...

You can send the pic from your cell phone to your email by MMS.
And then post it please.