Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back in Kyoto

I really like this city. Last time was rushed, but that was mostly my doing. It's nice to be back here with my parents who will, by necessity, make me slow down and enjoy the peaceful things here.

We are staying in the Northeastern district this time - a great little guesthouse. My parents have their own private room with a shower etc. and I will be staying in a 6 person dorm room. Its all good - except for the fact that I cant find proper punctuation on this Japanese keyboard.

Tomorrow, we will begin in the northwest area Im familiar with form last year - Kin-Kaguji, the Zen rock garden etc. But the following two days, we will go over ground that I didn't cover last summer. That's easy to do here - such a huge place with so much to see. The guide books are really right about Kyoto - every narrow street seems to end in a beautiful temple, palace, or garden.

The philosopher's walk is five minutes from where we are staying. I'm sure we'll be making a trek down there to close each day. Lots of photos to take of things I have not seen and familiar places I'm happy to revisit. I already made peace with Astro Boy and I am looking forward to finding the Wonder Cafe if I can. I'm glad to be back here. Kyoto is just cool. Makes me want to live here for a while.

I will try to post as much as I can, but there are only two computers here and lots of people. Ill write again when I can. All is well.

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