Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Parentals: Episode 1 - the arrival

Well, here they are - sleeping and snorfling upstairs in my little loft. As expected, they are tired and wired, but the former is winning out hands-down. A long flight - 3 meals on the plane, Benjamin Button for mom and "Hockey Legends" for dad.

I was grateful to be let out of work one hour early - long story - and to get there on time to see my mom and dad come through the gates. They had been expecting to have to wait for me for a couple of hours, but we worked it out. 성숙 surprised them and me by showing-up to the airport after her doctor's appointment to welcome my parents with me with a bouquet of flowers and a hug. Then home to find that she had already planted balloons and a big sign - not to mention a box of Jeju oranges. Golden.

So, there they snooze, while I'm thinking how strange and normal it all is to have my parents here. They brought some goodies. I now have a 3 years supply of Neo Citran (can't wait for those winter colds), some Tim Horton's coffee (to remember where it is I come from), some Christmas baking (into the freezer until December), and my Nintendo 64 - so that I can Goldeneye it up with my neighbours. Best of all - I have my parents here with me. Tomorrow, they get to wake-up in Asia, which is a first.

I'm going to do my best to update each day - a travelogue, since my parents likely aren't keeping one on their own. Don't worry, folks - they are here, safe and sound, and ready as you can be to wake up in Korea for the first time.

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