Saturday, October 10, 2009

Too tired to think of a title...

Since my parents arrived on Tuesday:

River walks, visiting the school, Myeong-dong, Cheonggyecheon, meeting Douglas, Changdeok-gung and the Secret Garden, dinners on the floor at home, dinner with the Dragon Family, Insadong, Gyungbuk-gung with Ki Yun, Deok-bokki and ice cream in Sam-Cheong-dong with Sung-Sook and Ed, and Folk Village tomorrow with Ian, Bonnie and Conor. All of this in four days. Ma and Pa are tired, and I have no time to write about it all. Surprise, surprise. I lack the time to just kick-back and get it all out here. That's cool - I need to soak-up the parentals while I can. It's just too much fun showing them around this city. I am collecting classic reaction shots from mom, and great one liners from dad: "Well, those lights... I just thought to myself 'by golly!'"

So far, so good. My parents were both in tears from laughter tonight over dinner and dessert with my friends. Makes me proud of both my friends and my parents - and grateful for this opportunity for them to meet. My life feels pretty real here - no more so than when these worlds merge. Good times.

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