Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Eve Radio Broadcast

Well, folks... it looks like you might be able to hear ol' Christmas Davey and his friends over the radio this Christmas Eve afterall. I'll make this long story short, because I likely told it before...

A few weeks ago while waiting in Hongdae to head to to Maria's place to pracice our Christmas carols, a Korean woman in a hurry run smack into Sung Sook. She apologized in English, which we found odd, then she moved on. A few minutes later, she came back to where we were standing and asked us if we were a band. I guess the keyboard and guitar we were carrying kind of suggested that we might be.

We explained why we were there - that we were a group of foreign teacher friends who just wanted to get-together to do some caroling over the holidays. This woman, Sehee is her name, introduced herself as a DJ from a local English radio station here in Seoul. In short, she wanted us to come into the studio on Christmas Day to chat about why we were doing this as well as to sing a few carols for their listeners. Why not?

So, after warning Sehee that we really are strictly amateurs who struggle to hold any note, she was even more convinced that we would be the right fit for Christmas Day. It's best to lower expectations.

So, that's what we'll be doing - after waking up late in the morning, having some breakfast at my place, and maybe playing some more Cranium, we will be heading down to Chungmuro Station to practice our five selected songs for the Christmas Day travellers, before moving on to the radio station to chat and sing a few carols.

For anyone back home who is interested in listening-in, don't expect the Morman Tabernacle Choir, but do expect a Christmas shout-out from Seoul - we will in effect be the Ghosts of Christmas future, being that we are 16 hours ahead. We will be on-air from 3:10pm - 3:40pm Christmas Day (Seoul time), which makes it 11:10 pm Christmas Eve (Calgary time), or 1:10am for anyone listening in Toronto - Shannon, Chris, Jenn, Maria :)

Check the TBS link by clicking here if you'd like to listen - just look for the "on air" link on the left hand side of the page. We'll be thinking about our friends and family back home, and we would love to reach you through the radio at Christmas time. Turn on the fire place, pour yourselves some egg nog, and listen to a bunch of homesick amateurs murder some Christmas classics.

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Jen Davies, MA, CDP said...

Love to listen. It'll depend on whether we have arrived at Chris' mom's house in Virginia by 1am! We're driving starting at noon... Merry Christmas!