Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Presents

Just about to head out for our first night of caroling. Lexi has laryngitis, it's fairly effing cold, and we might not have the turnout that I expected, but we're going to keep our fingers crossed.

Had a great afternoon - skyped the folks while Benny was over for dinner back home - exchanged our gifts and opened others. The logistics of getting everyone together again for a mass gift opening is a little unrealistic. So, on went the Nat King Cole and the Peppermint Tea, and we dug in.

Just wanted to send a quick, yet sincere, thank you to my family for the gifts. Sung Sook loved her new shirt and her treble clef pin - she's wearing it tonight for caroling. She also loved her scarf and the skate ornaments for us. The scarf had her pretty preoccupied for some time.

Thanks Auntie and Ernie for Cranium - we hope to play it tonight after caroling and on Christmas Eve - awesome gift that my friends will be thankful for too. The calendar will go on my wall at school and the socks... well... what would Christmas be without Christmas socks?

Sandy and Jay, Christian, Brandon and Indiana - thank you for the Harry Potter Calendar - I might bring it to school where I can give a page to students as a prize. The photos are great - I'm going to add some of the ones that mom and dad brought with them in October. The game, as you already know has been a huge hit in the after-school classes, and I love my skates too :)

Mom and Dad - the shirt is perfect - thank you :) The t-shirt and Mukmuk pin will be permanent fixtures for the upcoming Olympics. This way, I can rotate 3 shirts instead of 2.

There are still a couple of gifts remaining under the tree from Santa - I will save those for the 25th. I look forward to knowing what you all think of the gifts we sent to you.

Off to carol now - wish us luck...

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