Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Princess

Today, I asked Mrs. Lee if her daughter was getting excited about Christmas...

"Of COURSE!" was the answer.

Now, understand that "Of COURSE!" and variations on the same theme, are common answers from Mrs. Lee. The first time I heard her use it was when I asked her if she went to church:

"Of course not! I am NOT Christian!" In a country where 85% of the population is Christian, it didn't seem like such an obvious answer. But, through this year, I would hear Mrs. Lee use it to answer such questions as:

"Did the schedule change for today?"
"Of course!"

"Do the students clean the school every day?"
"Of course!"
"So... we have no janitors?"
"Of course not!"

"So... this form that you gave me today, is due yesterday?"
"Of course!"

...and the list goes on. Everything is an obvious answer to Mrs. Lee. So, her daughter was getting excited. I inquired as to what she was hoping to get for Christmas. Mrs. Lee's straight-faced answer was: "A toy dog with a crown and a pink dress."

Of course.

She then went on to tell me, with a classic Mrs. Lee amused grin, how each year before Christmas, she takes her children to the Lotte Mart near my house. She then tells each child to choose one toy, get on bended knee before the shelf, and pray to Santa Claus to bring it to them.

"So, is Santa going to bring the crowned, dress-wearing dog to your daughter?"
"And what about your son?"
"He wanted a baseball glove and some baseballs."
"Are you going to get those for him?"
"Why not?"
"He didn't pray hard enough."

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