Saturday, January 16, 2010

Marriage and Babies

I've been saving this for a while, but there's no time like the present. Last semester, in wake of the World Health Organization's findings that South Korea had the world's lowest birthrate for the second year in a row, our school decided to throw this topic at our middle school students for an online debate: "Should Korean men and women be legally obligated to marry and have children?" - meaning, should there be some sort of enforceable punishment if people don't?

To me, this was worded in a way that didn't allow for the possibility of an incentive program for couples who wish to have more children: government sponsored day cares, tax breaks etc. It seemed to be more about - "Get married - or face the consequences!" Anyway, this was an effective way to get students to think about one of their country's current woes: the fact that the population is aging fast, and there seems to be a genuine fear that the lack of balance between old and young will lead to a situation where the elderly will be in dire need of care, and there won't be enough youth around to give it to them. It's hard to believe when you see all the tots roaming about Seoul, but the stats don't lie.

Here's what my kids think:

Student #1 (People should be legally obligated to have children)

I think it is the obligation to have children. Why? Because to the development of human labor is required. But humans are not capable of the descendants of labor will fall. The society can not develop. Some peopl said "child's education coats is very very expensive, so i don't like born my baby" But, We should know. If you have a baby, If you don't have a baby. Babies. It is very important meaning to us. When you have a problem, Babies can make you feel happy. Now the end It is the obligation to have children.

Student # 2 (People should be legally obligated to have children)
A marriage and having children are necessary. These days, low birth rate is big problem of society. Our future is children, but the children are disappear. Recently, the people want to choice a marriage themselves. So marriage age is older. Accordingly a woman delivered of a child healthy is dangerous. Now I'll tell you about why a marriage and having children are necessary. First all of the animal are make a match.
We are animal too. People must bear descendant so a marriage is necessary. Second a marriage is filial duty to parents. The biggest filial duty is giving grandson and granddaughter to parents. Third, a marriage is good for our health. Research result a single life are die faster than couple. Because couple live with lover, couple are not lonely and when they have hard problem, they are solving the problem using consultation. Accordingly couples mind and body are better than a single life.
Fourth, children is our future. If children don't exist, we are not live and our economy don't develope. So my opinion is a marriage and having children are necessary.

There's nothing like getting married and having children out of filial duty - Jesus...

Student #3 (People should NOT be legally obligated to have children)
marriage is selection
Marriage with does the person who likes doing put on.
The person among whom does not happily.
If last weaning duty, injures a human rights.
So the marriage is selection.

Student #4 (People should NOT be legally obligated to have children)

The marriage is selection. I think marriage isn't legal obligation. I have two cause for my opinion. First, marrige is a relation for love, so if we are marrige, we should love for us. but who want to be single, but obligation for marrige is taking ones freedom. Second, marrige isn't always increase in fertility. we can increase in fertility for marrige, but we have double income no kids. It means ther are marrige, but they have not kids and baby, so it can show "marrige isn't always increase"
So, we shouln't marrige and having children be a legal obligation a a member of a nation. we think about freedom is the most important in nation.

It's always interesting to see which students regurgitate information fed to them, and which ones think for themselves.

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