Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Remembering the Little People

They really are. It's a combination of late Winter / early Spring lack of general humidity here in Seoul, as well as wacky heater behavior in the classroom. It makes updating this blog a bit of a chore tonight, but I figured that since I got my mom all worked-up about being attacked in Seoul by angry American-hating mountain climbing men in their '50s, I should be fair to her and also post some photos of what I had done and where I had gone earlier that day.

Got on a long bus to Anseong, a city south of Suwon to visit some of Seong-Sook's middle-school friends - a practice that impresses me about most Koreans. It seems that the rolo-dex of life is full-to-overflowing here - you never meet someone that you don't stay in touch with - even if it's only once a year. They would make my facebook list pale in comparison.

In this case, Seong-Sook keeps in touch with this particular group of ladies at least once every two months - even if it means getting on a bus from a busy Seoul terminal, just so that coffee and conversation can be had between old friends.

It was nice to be included, and it was good for me to experience more of what Seong-Sook experiences when she joins me on evening's out with my friends. It's easy to feel foolish when at times you can't understand the simplest of questions in another language, and its easy to be overwhelmed by that feeling, but it's rewarding when both sides make an attempt.

When language failed me on Saturday, there were plenty of kids for me to connect with, too. With them, language was kind of beside the point. Little people, after the briefest of introductions, who are comfortable enough to jump up, throw their arms around me and squish their faces against mine are my kind of little people.

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