Thursday, March 4, 2010

Passing it on

A little birdie gave me a very good time-saving piece of advice a while back. I've employed it in recent weeks - slowly and gradually implemented it actually - and it's a good one.

As one of many who have come to rely on facebook as much as I rely on email or a cell-phone, it's become not just habit, but part of maintaining necessary contact throughout the day. Even here in Korea - fellow teachers I know and love might send me something useful through a facebook message, or require assistance or advice through the same medium. In short, it's become something that people expect you to check on a regular basis. If you don't, you miss out, and perhaps sadly this is habit-forming.

One of the things that really kills time om facebook though is the news-feed. With facebook, I've always considered that my friend list is more accurately a list of people I've encountered in my life, as opposed to actual "friends" in all cases. Therefore, I don't delete as a general rule - even if I've completely lost touch with that person. Problem is that my former theatre life, and now traveling and working abroad life brings me to meeting and often adding many new people each year.

If your "friend list" on facebook exceeds 500, as is my case among many, clicking on "home" to check-out the news feed can be a true black-hole of time-suckage. Clicking on "most recent" to discover 300+ postings from people on this list is a mistake I've too often made. Then there goes the day.

I know that the whole point of the thing to to keep in touch, but honestly, unless you're Superman returning, or Morgan Freeman in the Almighty films, there's little need to know about everybody's updates. I certainly don't expect the dude I last saw in grade 6 to care about my new photo album from my visit home, or expect him to know that I was even in Korea in the first place.

If you're like me - curious, but more interested in saving time - don't be tempted by people's postings. Go through your news feed for a couple of weeks and "hide" people. Move your mousey to the right, uncover the "hide" button, and click it. There are people you want to hear from daily - even if their postings aren't directly meant for you, and there are others who have found too many little black sheep wandering into their farmvilles. I'm done with that. It doesn't mean you've deleted them, you just don't have them screaming in your face about helping them with their Mafia War each time you log-in.

There ya go. Time-saver for you. Of course, I'm probably way late to this discovery, and have likely been hidden by most of my friends anyway. It's good to be in the know.


Kid Atomic said...

Apparently there is a way to block applications from showing up on your newsfeed as well, so you can get rid of those black sheep notifications without hiding the person's actual status updates and stuff (if such a thing is desirable).

Richard Nairn said...

Dave - you can also create lists/groupings of those people you do want to see. That way you don't block out people, but there is a way to easily sift for the stuff you don't want to miss.

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Thanks, guys - I'll try that out. So far, it's working just to have less Mafia action in my news feed :)