Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bag on Head

The fair weather promised for today turned out to be as gray as yesterday's. Still, we braved the subway, met-up with a friend, then headed south to Daechi to have a look at a bike shop. Turns out the Strida simply doesn't fit my long-legged frame at all. 'Twas a disappointment for sure. Now I'm having a serious look at a Brompton folding bike from the UK. More on that later.

After the bike shop sadness, we decided to picnic in the park - Seolleung and Jeongneoung to be specific. These are the tombs of Korean royalty that have been maintained since their construction in the 1400s. These round hilly graves are right in the heart of Gangnam and though there is a nice wooden area nearby, are otherwise surrounded by modern skyscrapers - as pretty much everything in Gangnam is.

We decided to head to Paris Baguette, get some treats, then lay down the jackets, open up the language books, and make the most of a cloudy day. It wasn't so bad, though I do look forward to blue skies soon. In the meantime, I'll make due with skipping through urban forests as a tall, yet impish pastry chef.


Andrew said...

hahaha! great pictures! I like all this recent posting...

ps. i applied for the princeton review the other day. they say they get back to you in 7 days, but i read online that it could take months! i'm applying to other recruitment agencies just in case.

talk later chef.

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Nice. You must return this summer, my friend. There are good times still to be had. Don't tell Kim - let's just surprise him one day in June or July.