Thursday, April 8, 2010

A New Hagwon

I started learning Korean at a new hagwon this evening with my friend, Maria. We were the only two non-Asian people there, the rest being Chinese or Taiwanese, and many of them seem to be already quite well-versed in Korean. Holy crap, people. I have a way to go. I have to say though, it was exciting to be at least partially familiar with the language being spoken by our teacher tonight. I'm actually really looking forward to hitting the books this weekend - not other plans to be had... just walking with m'lady, checking out some cherry blossoms (fingers-crosses), and finding a place to lay-down a blanket and study.

I'll say more about the classes as I get into them next week. My teacher though is a real find. I think Maria and I both are lucky to have her there. This is Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Global Center in Hongdae. Best part is - it's free for foreigners. Thank you, Maria for finding this. What was I thinking paying for lessons last year?

As a side note, people should never stop to talk in the middle of the stairway that leads up to exit 5 of Hongdae Station. That's a sure way to cause instant bottle-necking death.

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