Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yellow Dust

Today was a good day that gave a blue sky in the afternoon, but was book-ended with yellow dust obscuring the mountains for me in the morning and the river as the sun was setting. A good day walking-about, and as was the case before during and after the purchase of my pre-recall Corolla back in 2003, I can't take my eyes off of bikes these days. Today was a huge boon for bikes as we spend the majority of the day along the Han River pathways. I want my bike now.

I would like to write a great deal more, but it's late so it'll have to wait until tomorrow. All I can offer today is the below photo which was taken from the Seogang Bridge from Yeuido, looking West into the sunset through a cloud of yellow dust. For those unfamiliar, yellow dust is dust particles from the Gobi Dessert in China. It's problematic because further drought in China has caused the top soil to erode even further - sending even more dust Eastward with the trade winds, and ending-up in Korea, Japan, and sometimes even much further East, but not before migrating through industrialized China where the particles swim through toxic emissions from factories that make nearly all the stuff we buy for cheap in the Western World, or even here in Korea.

Anyway, it's always interesting to hear people bitch about it as though they aren't part of the problem. "Thanks a lot, China!" is something I hear more than I care to each Spring. Certainly, better practices should be put in place, and a certain government is allowing it all to happen, but it's our own appetite for cheap shite that feeds the furnace. Good thing for Korea is that this only happens in the Spring. Bad thing for the Chinese is that it happens all year round.


Anonymous said...

Is there a documentary about this phenomenon yet? Let me put a call into Frontline. I've been itching for a reason to get back there anyway.

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Okay, well I didn't realize that the removed comment would leave an electronic scar. Now it looks like I said something nasty and changed my mind, when in reality what I said was the same thing twice.

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