Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I like sports, and I don't care who knows!

It looks like the Sindobong Middle School 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Pizza Playoffs is about to draw to a close, and it's been an exciting process. I do realize that trying to get my Korean grade 9 students to invest in Ice Hockey was a bit of a stretch, and really more for my own entertainment than theirs, but it's actually been a lot of fun.

All grade 9 homerooms chose a playoff team to follow, and the class whose team gets the cup, gets pizza during our last class together this semester. It's down to class 3 (Chicago) and class 10 (Philadelphia), and it's been grand. Each day as students enter my class, I play big screen highlight from NHL.com, and I've been encouraging students to check the website and follow their teams. Even in round one, I was pleasantly surprised to have students come up to me in the hallway and say things like: "Teacher! last night, Bancouber is win!" Thankfully, I didn't have to hear THOSE exact words beyond the second round, but it was very cool to have students checking the playoff bracket outside of my room every day and trash-talking each other on game-day.

Hoping for the Blackhawks in 7 - just 'cause I want them to do it at home, though a victory in Philadelphia would be equally cool.

In other sporting news, the FIFA World Cup gets underway in just a couple of days. This will be the first time I will be living in a participating country, and of course, Korea is mad for soccer. They actually have a pretty decent chance in their group - quite a few writers predicting them to finish just behind Argentina in their group. Regardless, I plan on entering a truly overwhelming Sea of Red at the front lawn of Seoul City Hall on game a day a couple of times to watch the Korean Red Devils do their best.

Perhaps because of my last name, perhaps because I appreciate Zidane's honour even in the face of a disgraced finals loss in '06, and because I love Henry despite a hand-ball, I will be cheering for France first, followed by Korea, and then leaving a little room in my heart for England, and then whatever team forms a compelling story.

May the best team win, and may that team not be Italy.


Andrew said...

1) USA
2) Italy
3) Korea
4) France (if only for B's love of Thierry)
32) England

Anonymous said...

I bought a Totti soccer jersey when I was in Italy several years ago. You know, the player who faked an injury and got a red card?

Well, this woman came up to me and insisted the following words over and over again: "No! No Totti! No!"

This woman was a Nun.
And she was very old.

Go cheaters!