Sunday, June 27, 2010

My first bike ride

Honestly, I'm pretty sure that the cash for my new bike is the best money I've spent in, well... maybe ever.

Today, I headed out of my apartment and made my way to school to test a route for tomorrow. After that, I found my way to the stream near my house (Jungnang Cheon) and went south towards the Han River, cut West once I hit where the Cheonggye-Cheon stream feeds into the Han and rode through downtown.

I can't say how long it all took me. I was ultimately on my way to meet friends near Sinchon/Hongdae and I took my time - stopping off at the Cheonggye-Cheon Museum, grabbing lunch and coffee on the way.

Rather than riding all the way back home tonight, I rode to City Hall and hopped the #1 line to my place to catch the second half of the England/Germany game. It seems England requires a new batch of goal-keepers.

Anyway, I love my bike. I am still waiting on my order for the telescopic seat which will help with my long legs - my legs don't quite fully extend on this thing, but I got around just fine. The speed of the 6 gears, the sturdiness of it, the quickness of the fold and the resulting portability of it can't be beat.

It's pretty fantastic. It's only been one day of riding and I feel like I'm experiencing the city in a new way. Though I know a good portion of Seoul fairly well, most of my journeying across it has been underground. It's nice to be able to make my way by bike, stop in a restaurant and coffee shop, tuck my bike under a table, and then head home on a crowded subway and not have it be an issue.

All in all, I went about 15 kilometers to Hongdae and small portion of the same distance on the way back. An odometer would probably be a good idea.

Damn - I love this thing. I'm selling my car when I get back to Canada this summer.

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Rock Steady said...

the bike looks awesome.. !!!!