Saturday, June 19, 2010


It must be the World Cup because I have a golden cock on my heart.

This is of course courtesy of my good friend, Ed, who left my sweater on a subway by accident a few months ago and decided to pay me back by buying me a France soccer jersey. Of course I was originally going for the home jersey of Les Blues, but they have had a tendency to add weird shite to their jerseys in recent years. This year is no different. The cock theme can indeed be taken too far. I'll wait for the next world cup and hope they make their home jersey as classy as this year's away.

As I mentioned last post, France needs a minor miracle. My math was off - France needs to win and Mexico needs to lose. The combined goal differential between the two countries in these two games needs to be +5 in France's favour. Uruguay can win 2-0 and France 3-0. It's not impossible, but it's unlikely. Thankfully, Uruguay and Mexico won't be playing for the tie as none of them want to face Argentina in the next round - they have a reason to fight for victory. Should it look like an impossibility, I'll hope South Africa can win one in front of their home fans.

Anyway, I'll be wearing my away jersey in support, and then will switch to my Korean T-shirt on Tuesday. I'm going to be tired, but it'll be worth it.

Tuesday: Work / essay class / Korean class / Late dinner / Catan with friends to pass the time / France vs South Africa at 11 PM

Wednesday: 3:30am S. Korea vs. Nigeria at City Hall / work / After-school class / sleep

I love the World Cup.


Douglas said...

I've been so wanting to buy a US Jersey, but I simply can't justify the 70 dollar asking price. I'll wait and see if the price drops after the cup.

Man, but that's some dedication you got there. Going to City Hall at 3:30 AM (otherwise known as working overtime for most Koreans) What do you do to pass the time until the 3:30 AM match?

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

I can understand you wanting to buy a US jersey - game of the tournament so far. I hope they make it through and continue to surprise some people. It's inspiring stuff.

As for passing the time, it shouldn't be so bad. The France match (which I'll watch somewhere in Hongdae) finishes at around 1, at which point I'll make my way toward City Hall, and just look for a 24 hour coffee shop - there must be at least one on the way. Should be a bleary-eyed party once I get there anyway.