Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bye Bye Blues

That's it - my favourite pair of shoes have been tossed. I bought a pair of mostly blue DC shoes back in February of last year, and wore them for the first time on the flight to Korea. New shoes on a plane seems to be something of a tradition for me in recent years.

And I don't really usually care about shoes at all - but these blue babies were pretty. Sadly, over a year of heavy use, humid summers, and then finally, a marathon bike-ride in Gyeong-ju over Buddha's Birthday in heavy rains, the odor, as someone I once knew would elegantly phrase it, became "a bouquet of terror!" It's more accurate than you can know. I decided to actually wash them in the laundry machine, then set them in the sun to disinfect.

Then, over a month later - nearly two actually - I sprayed them with a foot deodorizer before slipping them on my feet and heading to school. Whatever had been trapped in the sole of that pair of shoes, was awakened unceremoniously by the Gyeong-ju rains of last month. I didn't just need baking soda or Lysol, I needed some sort of shoe exorcist. They smelled like rotting flesh - as though some small mammal had crawled up in them and died.

Finding none of the above, I decided it was time. That sassy blue will never again keep my ankles supported, my back straight, or my spirits up. Into the garbage bin they went. They were the ones I'm wearing in this photo. Please tell me that they weren't this bad on our road trip.

Just wanted to say goodbye to a good pair.


Rock Steady said...

They weren't that bad on our road trip. :D haha

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

They might have been that bad. We're all just lucky it didn't rain.

Douglas said...

Ok, Now I regret I asked those people if they were going to eat their bread. I think I was wrongly excited and encouraged for the sake of others amusement. Oh well.

That said, it's great that you're becoming quite the frugal man. Biking for 5 hours (round trip) is something possibly I wouldn't even do. It's also amazing how easily one becomes inured to buying coffee almost on an every other day basis. Coffee, I find, is the biggest expenditure.

Did I ever tell you that in Germany I got a monthly stipend from the government? I wanted to travel after my studies there with the money I was getting so I cut back to two meals a day, spending roughly 20 dollars a week on groceries. Well, it worked! I had a cornucopia of cash to travel with around Germany but strangely enough not the energy to match.

In addition, here's some needless advice Dave.
----Keep a spreadsheet of your monthly expenses. You'll soon find out where your money is REALLY going. It all seems a bit overboard and neurotic but it helps sets goals.

If you want tips on travelling cheap, I'm your man.

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Douglas - you know that's just me showing you off. Without your boldness, what kind of story would I have to tell? Not much of one, that's for sure. Having you as a friend is like always packing an opportunity to be on the stage side of found public performance art. Remember the 3-D advertisement scenario on the subway? I do.

Douglas said...

I'm tellin ya, that's going to be the test to get into heaven