Thursday, July 15, 2010

The second "R"

On my way home today to pick-up some material I had forgotten for an afternoon class, I was walking to my apartment when I passed a fairly unclean homeless man... WEARING MY SHOES!!!

Naturally, my first instinct was to feel violated, they were easily recognizable as being mine (my horrible, possessed blue shoes from a couple of entries ago) as they were very bright and, relative to the man's feet, gigantic.

After I got over my initial recation at seeing a stranger wear my clothes, I realized that he must have gone through the garbage bags near the loading dock of my apartment building, and helped himself to some hip-looking shoes.

As with all places in Korea - garbage is separated: paper, plastic, plastic bags, food garbage, tin, bottles, recyclable goods (clothing) and just plan garbage. I didn't even consider recycling these beasts due to the smell - they went straight into a triple-bagged and tightly-knotted sack that BP would be jealous of.

And here was this man wearing them. To be fair, warning him about the smell would have surely been a moot point in his situation. But still, I feld badly that I couldn't have thrown away a pair of shoes that were at least inoffensive to anyone within a one-block radius.

Regardless - I hope they don't get wet today, and it's raining hard.

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Douglas said...

That's pretty hilarious and glad to see the life of the shoes were extended. Though I agree somewhat about the slight feeling of violation. It's always a tender moment when chucking out a pair of shoes. Those buddies have been through and experienced a lot with you every step of the way.