Friday, August 13, 2010

Back Home

...and as it's been the last two times I've come back to my hometown of Calgary, there's a lot to say about it, and all of the experiences and feelings that are part of the package.

This time it's different as I've brought a huge part of my Korean life with me to meet my family and my friends, so that in and of itself makes this trip, well... bigger, I suppose in a lot of ways. It's always tough to articulate what goes on in the ol' head and heart when one goes back home, but it's been a good trip.

So far:

Heritage Park
Lake Bonavista
Backyard BBQs
Dinners with Friends
Orchestral concert at the Jack Singer
Trip to Bragg Creek

...and a lot of hanging-out between the commitments that can't help but pop-up in a two week period. There is a tendency when I return home from abroad to essentially squeeze-in a year of living into 2 weeks - that's a year and all that goes with it.

It doesn't really work.

But, trying to iron out the rough spots and recognizing that it can't all be done. It's not to say that the stress of disappointing others is not a factor - because it is, but I can only do what I can do. Before I know it, I'll be heading home to my Dobong-gu apartment on an Incheon Airport bus, wondering how I'm going to get up for a week of teaching starting the next day. I don't want to rush things. If someone has a fool-proof plan of how to plan a stress-free vacation back home, please give me some clues.

Time is flying, and I've got one week still ahead of me - full of camping, mountains, friends, and family - but mostly family, and always my rabbit.

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Andy Irwin said...

You perfectly summed up the going home experience - a year of living in two weeks! My god... it's not easy. I can't say it's fool proof or without problems of its own, but I'd suggest you just take it slow. Don't try to see everyone, they'll all still be there next time and don't be afraid to ask some people to come to you. Afterall, it's your vacation!